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Arcade Racer: Racing Game Development Kit is being submitted for review; once it's accepted the Racing Game Template will be deprecated and removed from the store.


I know there were a lot of people asking about the beta, well, it's here.. come and try it, provide some feedback and let me know what you're thinking about using it to make!

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Racing Game Template is a powerful framework that has everything you need to start building a racing or driving game. Add new car models to the car prefabs provided, add your own race tracks and environments then layout the waypoints along the track for the AI and player to follow. Framework is based on core Unity components including: uGUI, Unity Networking, Scriptable Objects, Customized Inspectors, and PlayerPrefs to save data. New features and optimization updates are still being made.
Asset Store
Video Setup Guide/Tutorial Series

Key Features:

  • No programming required to start, written in C# with full source code provided
  • Project editor window to quickly manage project settings, prefabs and variables.
  • Unity Interface (uGUI)

  • Unity Networking (uNET) multiplayer ready prefabs

  • Unity Rewarded Video Ads (Mobile)

  • Mobile ready controller with tilt, UI buttons or UI joystick for mobile steering.

  • Inverse Kinematics animated driver responds to player input

  • AI opponent drivers use an advanced sensor rig for detecting other drivers or obstacles.

  • Open world scene ready for programmers and developers to create unique game design concepts.

  • Vehicle material customization & performance upgrades

  • Advanced way-point system for player arrow way-pointer, AI path finding, & racer position tracking

  • Race lap & position tracking, time system and wrong-way detection

  • Adjustable race laps & number of opponents system

  • Options, pause and garage menu systems

  • Currency & reward system, unlock races through purchase or progression

  • Mini-Map

  • Rear and side view mirrors

Unity Networking (UNet) Features:

  • Unity Multiplayer Services
  • Tested on Windows, Android
  • Lobby system
  • Create or join games
  • Custom match name and size
  • Open world scene selection
  • Full car controller prefab synchronization
  • Networked IK driver procedural animation
  • Multiplayer race modes coming soon...

Racing Game Template now includes an Edy's Vehicle Physics integration package that will prepare the scripts, prefabs and scenes to use the EVP car controller and camera as an alternative to the included car and camera controller. NOTE: EVP Multiplayer is being finalized and will be released soon.

Version 1.02 released.

New custom editor layout coming in 1.03, preview below.
The system is also being configured to use scriptable objects to make accessing and editing data easier.

Hello, I found a small bug you reach the last waypoint of the race. The race does not end and does not unlock the next level.


[quote=“wilxr”, post:3, topic: 596893]
Hello, I found a small bug you reach the last waypoint of the race. The race does not end and does not unlock the next level.

Hi wilxr, thanks for pointing this one out to me; I missed assigning a scriptable object to the race scenes after reconfiguring the new editor layout. You’ll need to assign the Race Data scriptable objects to the Race Scene Manager in each of the race scenes. Just turn on debug Mode for the inspector to assign the scriptable object.

Also I noticed I did not follow my own naming system for the race scenes with this update, they should be named as follows.

Version 1.03a has been submitted. These fixes will be included in update 1.03b

2311829--205288--Raca Data Error.png
2311829--205289--Scene Names Error.png

Everything works great. Thanks for the quick reply

Version 1.03a is now available and additional videos covering scriptable object use and mobile settings are now posted in this forum thread

Hello, does your template allow for drifting?

[quote=“JohnDraisey”, post:7, topic: 596893]
Hello, does your template allow for drifting?

Hi, by adjusting the Sideways Friction values on the rear wheels you can achieve some drifting effects. The cars used in this template are the same as the standard assets car, and there are many options to configure for different vehicle drive types.


My Name is Alberto. I am currently developing a racing game in unity and I got very interested in the AI from your Racing Game Template.

I would like to know if it's possible to adapt your AI system to my own car physics. These physics are not based on wheel colliders, I use raycasts and forces to drive them.

I use just 4 inputs for the whole control of the car, regardless of the controller being used (keyboard or gamepad). It accelerates, steers and brakes.

Please let me know how likely it is that an adaptation can be done. If you need more information about how I made my physics in order to give me an answer, just let me know and I'll do my best to explain what you need to know.


Alberto Mastretta

Hello Alberto, this should let you know a bit more about the AI.

This is an older video I made (not from this project) but it demonstrates the functionality of the AI I'm using. This is from the older sample assets in 4.6, I used the updated standard assets AI vehicle which you can download from the store and try to see how the implementation process would go. So if you can swap the AI vehicle in Standard Assets with your own then it should work fine for you.

Any chance for the following?
-more race type like Lap Knockout, sprint, checkpoint
-replay of the race that has just finished
-improve speed, acceleration, handling in garage

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[quote=“wilxr”, post:11, topic: 596893]
Any chance for the following?


[quote=“wilxr”, post:11, topic: 596893]
improve speed, acceleration, handling in garage
I’ve been working on designing a cleaner UI for the garage scene and making room for player upgrades, which is almost ready. I also have been tweaking the car controller settings to make the player cars feel more fun-to-drive, and bringing it to a point where it’s easy to map some performance upgrade values to the garage scene, then back to the player cars. So car upgrades will be the next update I add.

[quote=“wilxr”, post:11, topic: 596893]
more race type like Lap Knockout, sprint, checkpoint
After I finish car upgrades I’ll move to start working on adding more race types and challenges.

[quote=“wilxr”, post:11, topic: 596893]
-replay of the race that has just finished
I will look into this, I can’t say yes or no yet. I’m not sure how much work this involves or if more desirable features will have priority. If I add a feature like this it will be sometime down the line.

Version 1.04 is now available.

Version 1.04a will be submitted today with a Nitro feature added to the car controller.

Working on version 1.04b, I'm adding player car upgrade options. Each car can have 10 upgrades in each category, the price for each type of upgrade can be different and the values for these upgrades will be unique for each car and configured on the car controller.

When I start the scenes it appears only Mobile controls are available. How can I switch this to Keyboard or Joystick?

[quote=“RTSlang”, post:15, topic: 596893]
When I start the scenes it appears only Mobile controls are available. How can I switch this to Keyboard or Joystick?

You can enable/disable mobile controls from the “Window/RGT Settings/Input” menu.

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Version 1.04a is now available.

Version 1.04b will be submitted today.

Version 1.04b now available.

I've been working on version 1.05 and have started testing with Unity 5.3 WebGL builds. The demo performance on WebGL has improved greatly. The new version should be available in about a week.


I tried the WebGL demo, which works quite nicely, although the AI cars swerve quite a bit more than I was expecting. Is there a way to reduce the amount of swerving by the AI cars?