Ragdoll Behaviour Problem - Hovering, extended limbs, etc


I've been trying to make some ragdolls that instantiate when an "enemy" is killed.

Technically, it works, however I'm seeing some very strange behaviour from the ragdolls (Which are based on the Construction Worker model Unity provides as part of the 3rd person controller prefab).

Among the behaviour is: Swinging like they're attatched to invisible ropes in the sky, Hovering, Occasionally bouncing really high, Freaking out, shape wise, and getting really extended limbs.

I've tried messing with the scale, the mass, changing through code whether they're affected by the velocity of the original enemy or not and I'm pretty much out of ideas.

If anyone can offer even an idea I could try to fix it, I would be very appreciative.

I seem to have solved my own problem, I'll explain here incase anyone finds this in the future.

The Unity Ragdoll wizard assigns colliders to all the relevant parts of your model. In my case, and perhaps in yours if you're reading this, the collider it added to the "Head" was huuuuuge. Absolutely huge. Shrinking it right down and moving it around a bit solved this problem.

It's still not perfect, but I'm not seeing any of the crazy extended limbs behaviour etc anymore so I think it's Question Solved.

Just to be clear on your answer, to shrink down a certain part of your ragdoll you simply find that particular part in the hierarchy of objects within your scene, and once you get to the ‘Head’, you simply hold the Shift button while clicking and dragging the little 3D widgets that show up around the radius of the particular ragdoll part.

Just in case someone else have a problem with this if you circle is big you must do:

go to sphere collider and reduce the radius until you are good test it a few times and try also changing the mass