Ragdoll effect on models

Obviously, im requesting how to create a ragdoll effect… However, i dont want just a ragdoll, i want it to be completely dynamic. I want the player to interact with it, pick it up and throw it (body shields and what not).

I can code how to pick up the ragdoll, i just want to know where i’d start with creating a ragdoll effect that is both dynamic and able to interact.

Any help is appreciated <3

It depends on how you want the pick up action to look in your game.

If it is acceptable to do a quick swap, I would disable the view of the ragdoll on the ground swap that object into an animated state that is in sync with the pick up action (in a non ragdoll state) and when you can carry it around in a fixed state (maybe with some secondary motion and then go to toss the ragdoll body activate the ragdoll and set the velocities.

Otherwise if you want it completely physics driven you need to do some target transformations with physics pure physics driven or set body parts to kinematic and key-frame them to pick up and translate the ragdoll into position. Also maybe do some research on PID controllers that might be helpful to use forces “pick up” the ragdoll, regardless the limbs are going to make this difficult to make it looks right. The sooner you can blend to an animation the more control you are going to have on making the visuals look good.

Hope that helps!