Ragdoll glitch unity 5

Hello i’ve “borrowed” a rigged and animated humanoid character from brackeys. i’ve added my own armor and now when i try to ragdoll it one of his “joints” stay in the same place and stretch out the mesh. This is done on the base mesh so it’s not the newly added armor that does it. I’ve added “Enable Projection” and bumped up the “Default Solder Iterations” but it still stretches. I disable all other colliders before i radgoll so it’s not getting stuck. When i select the NPC everything seems to be correct when im looking at the colliders and joins. But the mesh is still stretched and stuck.

Any idea?



So it was quite simple, if anyone else wants help make sure that when you create the ragdoll place the correct joints in the correct spots. I didn’t do this right and it glitched the mesh.