Ragdoll Help!

So im making a 3D physics sandbox game and I wanted to make a minigame to it. But I need help creating the ragdolls because im going to need it when im making the real sandbox aswell. I made a Cube Character on blender and imported it to unity as an FBX file. Its Coming out good but I need to know about the ragdoll stuff.

Here is a picture which could maybe make things easier for you if you would like to help me and perhaps guide me through step by step. Thanks

Unity does this for you automatically as long as your object has the proper rigging .

GameObject > Create Other > Ragdoll . . . From there, all you need to do is assign the bones . After that, you’ll have a working Ragdoll.

Ragdoll Wizard: Unity - Manual: Create a ragdoll

As far as knocking them around, you might want to look into Unity3D Physics.
AddForce is a good starting point.

Youtube Tutorials on Ragdolls:

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