Ragdoll Issues...

Right now I have a rigged model that has a character controller and AI script attached that basically say to follow the player. The plan is to have the enemy hovering like slightly above the ground, and the torso stays still but the limbs flail about. Right now whenever I try adding anything like a joint, or a rag-doll, everything goes bananas. I’ve tried to play with different things but nothing seems to work.
Please help me, thank you.

I’d guess it’s a problem with how character controllers move. They only use the capsule collider they come with. Any other, childed, colliders will move along with them. But during movement, they count as obstacles. Like a cat with a bag on it’s head.

For example, if your arm happens to flop against the front-right of the capsule, charController.Move will treat it as a solid pole, and squirm sideways around it (which will correctly drag the arm.) And then move doesn’t check the other arm, so might push it through a wall (which physics will try to squirt out.)

Beat solution might be to grow the capsule to include most of the “flail zone” and not put colliders on the limbs (or use a layer where they only interact with themselves?) In other words, make the flailing limbs be purely decorative. That’s the idea of a charController – fast and easy, since you will only ever count as a capsule.