Ragdoll performance?


What should I be expecting out of performance here? I believe at the time of recording, this was 34 rigidbodies per character, with slowdown( at 256 character entities(so 8704 rigidbodies) and choked at 512 using a 8700k+1070.

When profiling it appeared the joint jobs took the most time, but I don't really have a frame of reference for my expectations here.

Will the official workflow scale better than what I'm experiencing here or is this as expected? Also any timeframe on when the official workflow will make it to us? I hate to bring it up but its been a very long time since physics driven animation was teased both from unite presentation with havok water wheel/robot bodies and the subsequent unite now parkour example.

I can only really talk about the physics side of things.
How may ragdolls does your use-case ultimately need?
Is there any LOD plans? 34 bodies sounds like a really hi-rez ragdoll! You probably could get away with half that body count. What's the setup? Capsules and spheres with mostly limited hinges with maybe 4 ragdoll constraints at hips and shoulders?
Any chance of getting a profile snapshot?

'Create Joints' jobs are the most expensive. And the costs increases exponentially as the number increases. I use old Physics version (0.5.1). Is this performance issue still exists in newer versions? Are there any ways to solve this somehow?