Ragdoll physics going crazy on Activate

Hi, I have problems when I activate ragdoll on death.
The Ragdoll going crazy for just a second, and then being normal.
I disable collider, animator and AI script.
I solved with set isKinematic from true to false, but kinematic mode disable physics when the character isn’t dead and this is not what i need, because it’s appear very unrealistic (a flying character, ehm…)
i’m very frustrated about this, hope somebody can help me!

Nobody can help me?

just in case somebody still looking for how to fix it…

Character joints (i think same as any other joints) caches some inner velocities inside Physics engine
When you enable the ragdoll the Physics engine applies those velocities to the bodies and we have this crazy behaviour for few frames…

so in my case works to deactivate and activate character game object. without any delays

// all stuff like bodies isKinematic and disabling animator

// reactivate root game object

this will force all joints inside hierarchy restore all cached values