Ragdoll problems

I’m trying to get my ragdoll character working. The problem is that when the character collides with another object with enough velocity, some joints behave unconsistently.
Sometimes the upper part of the legs bend a lot more than it’s limits and are then stuck to that orientation. Upper legs partly inside the body for example. Sometimes a hand gets stuck inside the torso as well.

I’ve also noticed that with hard enough impact the joints get separated (stretching). For example, the head gets out of its “socket” and then returns back to it’s correct position. Are there any workarounds or can this be fixed with some adjustments?

Another main concern is that when the ragdoll drops on the ground, it never goes to sleep state, no matter what values I put into the Sleep Velocity or Sleep Angular Velocity. I’ve tried playing around with drag values etc.

Any help on either problem?

Thanks in advance!

Ragdolls can be very finicky. I’ve had several, esp. with longer “bone chains,” that tended to sway like seaweed, and gently crawl like a worm … and was able to tweak them to stop that. I can’t pick out any rules, but you get a feel for distance between colliders, center of the joint, mass, springiness (I’ve found that a hard max bend tend to glitch more as it hits that limit – better to have a strong spring past the limit,) drag on the individual RBs.

But if you need to, don’t rely on Sleep. Wait 5 seconds, or until main body velocity is less than 0.01 but for sure after 10 seconds. And if the guy is still twitching when the game resets, no harm done. No one wants to watch him slowly slide down a shallow incline for 30 seconds.