Ragdoll : slight pause before it starts?


i am using a ragdoll on my ZTE Android 2.2, it works fine, except that just before the ragdoll starts to fall down : there is a slight pause for about 1 second or less. But then, the ragdoll works fine.
I thought the problem came from the loading, so i loaded an instance of my prefab first, in the function “Start”, i waited a bit and triggered the ragdoll. But same result. Do you think it is because of my device? Or because of the ragdoll itself on mobile?

I have one character : 1800 faces, 25 bones
and then i instantiate a light version for the ragdoll : 1200 faces, still 25 bones
Would you know any tip to make this work without this slight pause?

Here is the code i am using :

private var instance : GameObject;
private var instanceT : Transform;

function Start () {
	instance = Instantiate(Resources.Load("runpref"));
	instanceT = instance.GetComponent(Transform);

function Detonate () {

	if (instance) {
		CopyTransformsRecurse(transform, instanceT);

static function CopyTransformsRecurse (src : Transform,  dst : Transform) {
	dst.transform.position = src.position;
	dst.transform.rotation = src.rotation;
	for (var child : Transform in dst) {
		// Match the transform with the same name
		var curSrc = src.Find(child.name);
		if (curSrc)
			CopyTransformsRecurse(curSrc, child);

function Update () {
    if ((Input.touchCount > 0) || Input.GetKey("z")){ 

Thanks a lot

Try to instantiate it in the Awake() function. I believe that this triggers slightly before Start() function.