Ragdoll Wizard, Mesh with fewer joints.

Hello, I’m currently working on a character for a smaller project, I wanted to play around a bit with the ragdoll wizard.

What I’m trying to achieve is ragdoll physics on certain parts of the mesh.
However, one of the immediate problems I came across is the character doesn’t have certain joints that a regular ‘‘human’’ would.
E.g; the character doesn’t have legs, hips, etc.
So from what I can tell I can’t apply a ragdoll to specific joints and leave out others.

I would greatly appreciate any help in this matter.

Unfortunately the RagdollWizard isn’t a very flexible tool. If your character has a non-humanoid hierarchy you can still make it a ragdoll but need to set it up manually using colliders and ConfigurableJoint or CharacterJoint components

Ragdoll wizard is actually a legacy tool that is still there for a few compatibility reasons. The vision for the future is that we’ll be able to generate the full physics skeleton from the animation data we already have (i.e. Avatar). In the meantime, while the mentioned generation isn’t in place yet – please use a chain of ConfigurableJoints with Rigidbodies. It’s advisable to stick away from CharacterJoint also, since it’s basically the same D6 joint from PhysX but just restricted in many different ways functionality-wise. Anthony.