Ragdolls updated to unity5 all crazy

I upgraded a couple projects to unity 5.

Now ragdolls go insane. All stretchy out, flying, bouncing off everything.

@ifisch, you were right about the ragdoll stability suggestions. I managed to fix my flying ragdolls with these two suggestions:

  • Set the joint property “Enable Preprocessing” to false (unchecked). Disabling the preprocessing can help against joints “blowing up”. Joints can “blow up” if they are forced into situations where there is no possible way to satisfy the joint constraints. This can occur if jointed rigid bodies are pulled apart by static collision geometry, like spawning a ragdoll partially inside a wall.
  • Ragdoll stability or stretching: If ragdolls are given extreme circumstances, such as spawning partially inside a wall or pushed with a large force, the joint solver will be unable to keep the rigid bodies together. This can result in stretching or a “cloud of body parts”. Please enable projection on the joints, using either “ConfigurableJoint.projectionMode” or “CharacterJoint.enableProjection”.

URL - Unity - Manual: Joint and Ragdoll stability

i wish people wud answer my questions