RAIN AI - same behaviour trees, different values. Possible?

I’m new to RAIN AI and after getting to know it, I want to re-use my behaviour trees on different AIs. Their logic is the same, but the values I want should be different. Here is what I mean:


In the above image, I have a full patrol behaviour tree, but I can only assign 1 value. I want other AIs to reuse the same tree, but patrol different locations.


In this above image, I want my timer to vary.

Do I need custom code to achieve what I want? If so, please walk me through it.

I figured it out. I had to play with the “mind” settings. I had to make a new gameobject in the AI’s mind and drag-and-drop my route there. Then instead of saying “patrol_route_1”, I just say whatever the variable’s name is.