random AI waypoints

Just starting with saying that I’m a noob

I’ve been stuck on a problem for more than a week now and that is what my AI is going to do when he is not chasing the player.
What I want to achieve is that the AI walks towards random locations within a certain area.
So I was just wondering how I would go about to achieve that?

I tried using two diffirent gameobjects, waypoint one and waypoint two but I never managed to get my AI to walk to the second waypoint after reaching the first one.

I’ve checked out the Unity - Scripting API: Random.insideUnitCircle
but I got a hard time understanding it.

Am I on the right track or am I completly lost?

Just wanted to come back and tell you guys that I managed to make it work now. My AI is walking around the scene and it looks great. Thanks for the help you guys gave me.

		if(playerspotted == false && !IsInvoking("walkfreely"))
			Invoke("walkfreely", 3.0f);