Random android crashes

(I submitted this to Stack Overflow, but I’m posting it here as it is Unity specific)

A while ago, I published a game for android (made in unity in C#). However, I’ve been getting many complaints of crashes, and recently I’ve experienced these crashes myself. I’m using

adb logcat

to read the logs from the app and the system to try to figure out the cause but it always crashes at a random times; when loading, in the middle of the game, and in the main menu. I’ve also tried it on a friend’s S7 Edge and it works fine. It’s not laggy at all on all devices I’ve tested it, so I know it’s not a memory leak or excessive CPU usage.

I don’t know what data to share to receive help, so I’ll just supply any info that is needed. Link to the app if it is useful: Google Play

Weird little detail: For a while it crashed at start, but then started working again when I added this line of code (which shouldn’t alter code as it just prints a string to the console)

Debug.Log("Sending Analytic Data");

Hello I installed your game and it crashed in less than one minute, I was able to play for 15 seconds and the game idea is pretty nice!! Congrats
My phone is a First Gen Moto X

  • I would try to delete any google Related Plugin (Delete from the project!)
  • Make a beta test inside Google, give the link to people with Low End phones
  • And see if the problems continues
  • One big tip is to instead of instantiating each ball, use “Pooling”
  • And
  • If you have time: send an image showing your PNG import settings (UI)
  • Settings of the images you use in your project

Good Luck