Random Blank Loaded Scene

I’m working on a multiplayer game where the user logs in, selects a world and it loads it up with the other players in.

There’s this strange issue that occurs, not always but only ever within standalone builds of the game, never in the editor.

The scene containing the playable world is set to load after the user logs in and selects a world. Sometimes this works fine but other times, 30% of the time, it may display a blank cyan colored screen. I can hear the menu when I hit the pause button but nothing shows up at all. It’s as if all visual elements were not loaded at all. Sometimes when this issue occurs the client will just crash, other times it stays there.

alt text

Any help is appreciated. Note: There are no errors shown in the standalone console.

Edit: The issue only occurs one one specific scene which has the most game objects and also some being instantiated by code at load.

After spending the rest of the day closely inspecting what was going on, it became clear that an unreported exception was taking place (possibly on another thread) because my game server was sending an invalid data to the client which was causing a crash in the standalone. Specifically sending null to the client and the client attempting to use the string as a float.

Anyone else experiencing this problem should closely review any code that is in place at the time of the crash that could be causing an error badly handled by the standalone.