Random camera direction at start up

When starting my game within design or stand alone windows exe the main camera seems to pick a random direction for its initial viewpoint.

I tried adding a lookAt script, which didnt work for me. Is this unique to me or so universal that no one is bothered by it.

This script is attached to my main camera and runs at start up

GameObject fourTwo = GameObject.Find("ShelfExp 42");
transform.LookAt( fourTwo.transform );

Try positioning your camera so it faces the player to begin with. If you click on the camera you will see which way its projecting. Hope this helps as I don't quite get what you are asking...

If your Main Camera is really a child of your FPC, you need to reset the local transformations of that camera to pos 0/0/0, rot 0/0/0, and remove scripts changing these values (unless you want movement/rotation relative to your FPC). The camera will then always face the +Z direction of the object it is attached to. If that is not your forward direction, locally rotate the camera by Y=+-90, depending on your scene. Note that it is very important to which (Sub-)Object you attached your camera, since it will use that transform as it's source.