random Color. Glitch?!?

hi i was trying to make a random color for each new enemy that has spawned. this is the code

var matColor : Color;
var r : float;
var b : float;
var g : float;
function Awake () {
    r = Random.Range(0,255);
    b = Random.Range(0,255);
    g = Random.Range(0,255);
    renderer.material.color = Color(r,b,g,255);

so when i try this r, b, and g are random and that works. but when i play the game and the enemy's come they all look really white.

white enemy pic

Color values are from 0..1, not 0..255.

function Awake () {
   renderer.material.color = Color(Random.value, Random.value, Random.value);