Random drop items stat. new area or new scene

Greetings Community

under my own dev , of my game i came to not a real problem . but just a wondering what woudt be the smartest to do.

so i am planning my programming in my design doc … and to get the pic

AI can drop items , with stats and the stats are random on drop .
so i want the ints on the stats to go up , when you progresse deeper in the game.
what will be the wisest to put the … change stats on drops script on …

  1. ild make one scene and then the player just keep on going and ild just attach the script to a object the player is running on , and then the next script activate when the player … touch " these are private ofc" harder area ground"deeper" progress.

  2. ild make a new scene for every “level” or harder area and just attach the script to the scene or something like that.

i can see for and aginst these two options … becouse …if ild make it so the player keep progressing in the same scene less loading time, but mayby the game will lag becouse of more and more date and 3d obj in one scene … but maybe i can over that problem with some kind of , “dont load object if its out of sight of player”

i just want some opinions on this one

so ty and i hobe someone will join this question

Kind regards

Nikolai :slight_smile:

You can have an object with DontDestroyOnLoad.

This will make sure the object is not being deleted between scenes.