Random dungeon generation?

Hey all,

How would I go about making a random dungeon generator script to make random(ish) dungeons at run time?

I know that I would have to make some prefabs for each section (right corner, t-section, large area…) and instantiate them when needed. But I can’t get my head around how to do it. Specifically, how to make a grid for them to align to, and how to make it so the paths all join up.

Any help?

Thanks, Geko_X

PS: I use JavaScript or UnityScript, whatever it’s called.

I did find a solution for this. It is a cheat method, but it works for what I wanted.

I made 10 different “SuperTiles” prefabs in the editor. A SuperTile is a 5*5 group of small tiles, where there is an exit at the North, South, East and West, plus a walkable space in the centre. These SuperTiles are like a small maze.

I then wrote a script that randomly picked a SuperTile out of an array, spawned it, repeat… until the set size on the X and Z axes is reached.

//The prefabs to use in the generation
	//The actual tiles
var DungeonPartsToUse : GameObject [];
	//The outer wall
var WallPiece : GameObject;

//Size of the prefabs. Must be set to the prefab's side length
var PartSize : int;

//Length(x) and width(y) of the dungeon to be generated
var DungeonSizeX : int = 3;
var DungeonSizeY : int = 3;

//The pieces to use
private var PieceNumber : int;

//Current piece to instantiate
private var CurrentPiece : GameObject;    
function Start() {
    //Tells us if we have set the size of the part. Without this, dungeons would generate oddly
    	if(PartSize > 0){
    	else {
    		Debug.LogError("PartSize must not be 0");
    //Function to generate maze
    function GenerateMaze() {
    		for (x = 0; x < DungeonSizeX*PartSize; x +=PartSize) {
    			for (y = 0; y < DungeonSizeY*PartSize; y +=PartSize) {
    				PieceNumber = Random.Range(0, DungeonPartsToUse.length);
    				CurrentPiece = DungeonPartsToUse[PieceNumber];
    				Instantiate(CurrentPiece, Vector3 (x, 0, y), Quaternion.identity);
    		//Then generates the outer wall
    //Function to generate wall around the edges of the maze
    function GenerateWall() {
    	for (n = 0; n < DungeonSizeX*PartSize; n += PartSize){
    		Instantiate(WallPiece, Vector3 (n, 0, (-(0.5*PartSize) + 1)), Quaternion.identity);
    		Instantiate(WallPiece, Vector3 (n, 0, (DungeonSizeX*PartSize) -((0.5*PartSize) + 1)), Quaternion.identity);
    	for (e = 0; e < DungeonSizeY*PartSize; e += PartSize){
    		Instantiate(WallPiece, Vector3 (-(0.5*PartSize - 1), 0, e), Quaternion.Euler(0,90,0));
    		Instantiate(WallPiece, Vector3 ((DungeonSizeX*PartSize) -(0.5*PartSize + 1), 0, e),Quaternion.Euler(0,90,0));