random enemy

I want to do a 2D plane on the mobile phone game

I have three enemies
Let them randomly generated
But also an increasing rate (the enemy is automatic parallel move), an increasing number of

May I ask how to write code?

var enemies: Transform; //array that holds all enemies, just set size to 3 and drag them in inspector as prefabs

   var lastSpawn: float;//holds the time when enemy was last time instatiated

   var spawnPos: Vector3;

   var spawnTime: float=3.0;//seconds for example

    functon Start()
        spawnPos=transform.position;//to increase performance a bit
    function Update()
    function SpawnEnemy()
        var idx:int=UnityEngine.Random.Range(0,2);



IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range.
NewBehaviourScript.SpawnEnemy () (at Assets/js/NewBehaviourScript.js:25)
NewBehaviourScript.Update () (at Assets/js/NewBehaviourScript.js:18)

What happen?

My window 240*360.

My enemies are randomly generated from both sides

Then there are three kinds of enemies appear to be random

The level of the enemy is moving in the direction from right to left or from left to right

The enemy faster and faster

The number of the enemy will more and more

May I ask how to write code?