Random Individual Particle Rotation(shuriken)

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I can’t seem to find out how to have individual particles have random rotations within the Particle System editor. I can choose random between two constants in the Start Rotation and Rotation over Lifetime parameters, but this rotates every particle in the system.

In the image I have attached, you can see that I am trying to make a breaking glass effect, but it’s not very believable because each one is rotated the same way.

Can this be done either through the editor or would it involved scripting each particle?

Maybe you should try doing the breaking glass as physical rigid bodies - see if it performs fast enough.

That said, I was able to rotate billboard textures - I gave them a random start rotation with “Random between two constants” 0-360 and rotation over lifetime -360 to 360.

The “random between two constants” rotation is great for creating a bit more life, but I’m using this similar effect for the tossing of coins onto a table. Even though my rotations are random over the X axis, I’d like them to be random in ALL directions. This way as the coins are flying through the air they are all spinning in a unique way. Right now, they all rotate fairly uniformly and its easy to tell that they are only spinning on one axis.