Random levels(scenes) without repeat them till last one is played

Im a newbie on coding and i dont know how to do when i start the game to random a level and when finish it to load next random one till all levels(scenes) are played !
i have random,range already

    public void CompleteLevelC()
        int index1 = Random.Range(2, 11);

This code randomly play scenes and repeat them continuously.
What i want is random them till all scene from 2 to 11 finish without repeat them and then i will load something else. i try with RemoveAt but did not work …maybe i did it wrong.
Any help will be appreciated.

Hey there,

when you use Random.Range(...) it will give you a number between the first number and the second (so 2 and 11) in your case.

So what you need is a List of all your levels and you randomly choose an entry, load that entry and then delete it.

So have a static List<int> LevelsToPlay = new List<int> {2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11}; as a variable in your class. The static modifier will ensure that the list is not reinstantiated every time you change a scene. If your current object is tagged as DontdestroyOnLoad you do not need this.

and change your code to:

        public void CompleteLevelC()
            //choose the index of a level:
            int nextLevelIndex = Random.Range(0, LevelsToPlay.Count);
            //get the actual sceneIndex by the index of our list:
            int nextLevel = LevelsToPlay[nextLevelIndex];
            //remove the sceneIndex from the list to make it not appear again:
            // load the level:

Let me know if anything was unclear.

Thanks for the answer, i don`t have current object as DontdestroyOnLoad.
I need to put it like that? What will be the fast and secure way to do it and how ?:slight_smile:
just add
DontdestroyOnLoad (); like this ?