Random number variable is shown twice


Sorry for the newbie question. This silly thing just bugs me and I am confused why it happens. I have a variable which randomly picks a number between 1-10. When the game starts, it has to show me which number it picked. Each time I check the console and start the game, a random number is selected twice.

So when I start the game right now, my console gives me this:


How is this possible? Don’t I execute this code just once?

static var gameMode : int;

function Start (){
     gameMode = Random.Range(1, 10);
	print ("Gamemode:" + gameMode);	

I only thought I had the script attached to the Player. But when I remove that script it’s only executed once. Leaves me wondering which object holds this script as well. Any way to find out? Thanks for the solution, Piflik!