Random position?

Hello. When an object is instantiated, how can I have it randomly choose an object from a list of three objects and move to that object's position?

Create an array with three entries that reference the objects in question. When you want to instantiate a new object, choose an index using Random.Range(), e.g. (C#, untested):

int index = Random.Range(0, 3);

Then grab the position from the object at that slot in the array.

[Edit: Responding to comment below.]

How can I reference the other objects as variables in the array?

The question isn't entirely clear, but it's likely what you're looking for is a public array of GameObject's. In C# it would look like this:

public GameObject[] myObjects;

Not sure about UnityScript, but I think it would look like this:

var myObjects : GameObject[];

This variable will be displayed in the inspector. First you would set the size to '3', and then drag the game objects in question to each of the array elements. Choosing a position at which to instantiate the new object would then look something like this (C#, untested):

Vector3 position = myObjects[Random.Range(0, 3)].transform.position;