Random Projectile Generation

Can someone help me create a script for projectiles with collision, where when the spacebar is pressed one of two randomly selected projectiles will be shot forward.

Good day @mattkell462 !

You are not asking how do something specific, you are asking the whole complete script. First, make an script, try to do it yourself, look for the information, test your scripts … and everithing you dont get, you can ask for it. I recommend to look at this pages:

  1. https://unity3d.com/es/learn/tutorials/temas/multiplayer-networking/shooting-single-player (only for the shooting, not the multiplayer)
  2. Unity - Scripting API: Input.GetKeyDown
  3. Colliders - Unity Manual

If you expect someone will do the script for you, maybe you are not ready to make a game.

Accept answer if it helps.