Random spawn Gameobject in area

Hi all, i was thought to how make random spawner , i want create srvival game but the problem how can i spawn animals and enemys in randomly position in area , thanks

Do this:

    private Vector3 Min;
    private  Vector3 Max;

    private  float _xAxis;
    private  float _yAxis;
    private  float _zAxis; //If you need this, use it

    private Vector3 _randomPosition ;
    public bool _canInstantiate;

    private void Start()
    private void Update()
        _xAxis = UnityEngine.Random.Range(Min.x, Max.x);
        _yAxis = UnityEngine.Random.Range(Min.y, Max.y);
        _zAxis = UnityEngine.Random.Range(Min.z, Max.z);

        _randomPosition = new Vector3(_xAxis, _yAxis, _zAxis );

    //Here put the ranges where your object will appear, or put it in the inspector.

    private void SetRanges()
        Min = new Vector3(2, 4, 0); //Random value.
        Max = new Vector3(20, 40, 30); //Another ramdon value, just for the example.

    private void InstantiateRandomObjects()
        if (_canInstantiate)
            Instantiate(gameObject, _randomPosition , Quaternion.identity);

One way to do it is to use System.Random to generate an X and Y value (for area). If you want volume, you can use the same System.Random for a z value…

I’ve put code below where you can give it a minimum value and a maximum value for each coordinate. Call this function for X, and then Y. Then when you instantiate your object, put it in the x, y location and you are all set.

public float generateRandomFloat(System.Random random, int min, int max)
        int val = random.Next(min, max);
        float offset = (float)val;
        return offset;