Random value from -1 to 1

I’m trying to generate random directions for enemies to move in using this code:

currentDirection = new Vector3(Random.value, 0, Random.value);

However, I really need those two random values to be positive or negative, and to decide randomly between the two. I tried doing

Random.value * Random.Range(-1,1)

for both of those, but it turned out to be giving me directions locked into 45 degree increments.

Is there another way I can get random +/- values into those two spots?

Thanks in advance.

Random.Range(-1.0f, 1.0f)

See the docs for Random.Range. No need for Random.value.

How about

Vector2 flatDirection = Random.insideUnitCircle;
currentDirection = new Vector3(flatDirection.x, 0, flatDirection.y).normalized;