Randomize Text on 4.6 UI Button's

So there are 4 button’s in the scene. Answer 0 Button - Answer 3 Button, at runtime, their text changes to the text from a class called Question(String Answers, String QuestionText, int CorrectAnswerIndex); Then I have a list of these questions. I am almost done with my project I just need to make it to where the answers are randomized and my work will be complete. Here is the code that handles filling in the button’s text. If you need more information I will post more of the script. I am just stuck and can’t quite figure this out.

	void displayQuestion (Question question) {
		questionText.text = question.QuestionText;

		// Variable answers, as well as answerCount,
		// introduced for faster access fo some data.
		List<string> answers = question.Answers;
		int i, answerCount = answers.Count;

		if (answerCount > maxNumberOfAnswers)
			Debug.Log ("answerCount is greater then maxNumberOfAnswers");

		// First, we must enable necessery number of
		// buttons and display answer text for them.

		for (i = 0; i < answerCount; ++i)
			answerButton *.SetActive (true);*

answerButtonText .text = answers ;
* }*

* // Then we should hide extra buttons, which is*
* // not containig answers.*
* for (i = answerCount; i < maxNumberOfAnswers; ++i)*
* {*
_ answerButton .SetActive (false);
* }
} // ~displayQuestion*_

Randomizing your selection should do the trick. With each selection we remove it from the List, and the next iteration we can choose from answerCount - i.

for (i = 0; i < answerCount; ++i)
   answerButton *.SetActive (true);*

int selectedAnswer = Random.Range(0, answerCount - 1 - i);
answerButtonText .text = answers [selectedAnswer];
EDIT: Corrected RemoteAt to RemoveAt