Randomize trees for terrain painting


I created a few basic trees to put on my terrain, but the default tree painting tool only places a single kind of tree each time, with no randomness possible.

I tried to create 4 of each tree types, to prevent the unnatural feel given by all trees being the same, but the tool can only select one at a time for painting.

I thought that I might have missed something, like a way to randomize the “seed” for the trunk and branches, or other things like that, but google doesn’t seem to net me any answer.

Am I stuck with either scripting the trees, or manually placing them?

If that’s the case, it’s going to take quite a lot of time to make a decent forest, but at least I’ll know it’s the only way to go about it without getting the same tree everywhere.

Have you looked at the built in option to mass place trees, just below where you define the tree objects for the terrain? This will give the trees random orientation and color variation as well as use all of your defined trees.

The only thing that could be better about this is if you could specify upper/lower heights for trees to be placed. I have seen some custom editor scripts floating around to do just that, but with the built in functionality you will have to manually clean up the areas that you don’t want trees to be placed.

We made a editor plugin, which creates new randomized versions of a tree.
Input: A tree you made with the Unity tree system.
Output: Any number (you can set it) of trees.

Get it here: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#!/content/59228