randomly activate one of many gameobjects ??

I gave 18 gameobjects that I want too set to active through script. the problem is that it will be inefficient to write a script and set each one o the 18 gameobjects to true or false. so is there a way to do this using an array and randomly set them to active ??

This is so easy.

public GameObject[] ObjectsList; // Not only 18, this script will except any number of game objects you put here.
    void Start() {

using System.Linq; // Top of the script, outside of the class

public GameObject[] arrayOfGameObjects;

// Randomly activates an inactive game object
public void ActivateRandomObject()
	GameObject selection = arrayOfGameObjects

	// selection will be null if all game objects are already active
	if (selection != null) selection.SetActive(true);

Thanks goes to dubbreak at Select random object in list using linq

Tnx man :smiley:

Thank you very much !
It worked for me to set active ramdom gameobjects :slight_smile: