Randomly generated house ?

Hi im new here, and my question is this: Is it possible to make randomly generated houses ?

You can but it is not magic so spawn.random.hause wont work :smiley:
One way would be to prepare a variety of prefabs (different windows, doors, cellings, floors, roofs etc different in look and texture too :slight_smile: they would need to be in some way modular so changing one window to another wont break the house look. Than using script and random number gen you would instantiate these prefabs at proper positions giving input like number of floors doors etc. A lot of work .

To get an idea check this Tyson Ibele’s building generator for 3d max (Building Generator ). Alternatively if you just need random buildings and the generator is not you objective use is in 3d max and import models to Unity (pay attention to polycount though)