Randomly Generated Levels

I am wondering if Unity has the ability to randomly generate the layout of a scene/level on loading the scene, either by doing it all from scratch with code or even better using a script to pick from a bunch of different models that can make up the level and linking them together in a way that works.

I haven't actually used Unity yet but Australian Internet is really terrible so I'm waiting to see if it can do what I'm after before I commit to downloading it.

You can do pretty much anything you want with Unity, including generating levels randomly. (See Realmaze3D, a Unity game. The walls/maze are made with code, then models of ladders/lights/various objects are put in appropriately.)

I am working on a library to generate pseudo random numbers in Unity. May be you are interested in use it/contribute to it:

Sure you can. Unity won’t write the scripts to do it for you, but what would be the fun in that…?