Randomly selected rooms

I’m making a horror game on unity that I started not too long ago where enemies pop out at you. I realized people could just memorize where the monsters are, making it only scary the first time. I was wondering if there was a code or something to make it possible to randomly choose rooms that I have already made, similar to SCP-containment breach. I would like to have it so there is about 5 random rooms, and some rooms look the same, except have the monster in it (So you can’t memorize what room they spawn in either). I started unity about a week ago, and i’m still horrible at coding, so could someone start me off with some advice? Thanks in advance :smiley:

You can have a script that uses Random.Range(); to choose the rooms. For example:

int roomNumber = Random.Range(1,5);

if(roomNumber == 1){
     Insantiate(monster, roomOne.position, roomOne.rotation);
else if(roomNumber == 2){
     Insantiate(monster, roomTwo.position, roomTwo.rotation);
else if(roomNumber == 3){
     Insantiate(monster, roomThree.position, roomThree.rotation);
else if(roomNumber == 4){
     Insantiate(monster, roomFour.position, roomFour.rotation);
else if(roomNumber == 5){
     Insantiate(monster, roomFive.position, roomFive.rotation);