Range variables editor problem

Using Unity version 2022.3.0f1, I have found a bug where when I try to change the value of a serialized field using the range attribute.
Basically, when using the slider, it works fine, it saves the value. However, when I try to change the value with a round number by typing it in the number text box to the right of the slider, the value will not be saved when closing and coming back to the editor’s script. I don’t know where I should be reporting small bugs like this one, so I’m posting here. It’s an annoying bug if I want to put round or specific numbers and knowing I can’t exceed a range of values.

I am not sure if it’s the case but you may probably have issues using dot “.” intead of comma “,” when typing rounds

Also, if the value you want to set is float, it may simply not be able to save a numbers in decimal format.
Or even regular integers. They would be assigned to the closes value. Floats are not meant to be very very precise, so your perfect decimal value you inserted may be a bit distorted.