Ray tracing not working properly on build

I have been working on a Ray traced demo. I am experiencing a weird issue at the moment. When I run the game on the editor all is fine. Ray tracing works just as expected. Crystal-clear. A very weird issue starts to surface when I build & run the game. I really don't know a proper way to explain this so I am providing screenshots for it.

Is this is a bug or am I doing something wrong here? I checked all my build settings over and over again and couldn't find anything wrong.

Edit: I am using 2020.1.0b11
Edit2: My GPU is RTX 2080 TI / CPU is ThreadRipper 3960x

In Engine (Working Fine):


In-Game/Builded(Not working fine at all):


Can you take a look in the Player.log? Are there any errors there?

[quote=“aleksandrk”, post:2, topic: 794289]
Can you take a look in the Player.log? Are there any errors there?

Here is the log file: https://gist.github.com/EmreB99/2eb3723a8e3c3f86e2ad94332efd4d9a

Though I need to mention that I accidentally opened 2 posts. After opening my first post on HDRP forum, I realized it was more suitable to open it on the beta forum as I am using the beta branch of the Unity. Sadly I couldn’t find a way to delete it…

We have spoken with Chap-Unity about this issue.
Just to summarize what we have discussed so far;
He mentioned that what I am doing is not optimal and a very costly way of using raytracing technology, which I am %100 aware of. The whole point of this demo is to push raytracing to it’s limits as this is actually a fork from one of my recent HDRP project just with rayracing enabled. I did use some lucratively costly raytracing effects and we think that this is what caused the issue. I just don’t understand why scene is being rendered fine in the editor and absurdly wrong in the build version.

Here is the other forum topic https://discussions.unity.com/t/794278

I am sorry for the whole 2 topic thing. If someone can delete one to keep things more organized that would be appreciated. It seems like I can’t delete anything even if I am the owner of the topic.

No problem with two posts :)
The log is quite empty... Was this a development build?

Nope, it's just me being dumb...
Here is the log from a dev build version, sorry for that


But on the good side I just found out that if I build the game on development build this issue do not occur. That's some weird behavior. Everything renders just fine in development build & editor. It just brokes when build normally.

Hm, this is odd.
Can you try RenderDoc? (Although I'm not sure it supports ray tracing shaders)