Raycast beyond "90" degrees

So, I am trying to do raycasts around my point in a circle. The problem is that if I have a direction such as (-1, 1, 0) instead of (1,1,0) it doesn’t work. To equate that to angles, I can raycast and get the proper results as long as my angle is between 0 and 90 inclusive. Anything more or less than any of these values does not work. I have tried both directly declaring the direction with “new Vector3(-1, 1, 0)” as well as doing it with transform directions such as “transform.up - transform.right”. Both of these should work and are what people say to do in other posts, but they just don’t. Any help is appreciated.

Make a Debug.DrawRay matching the raycast. If the raycast is working for some angles then it’s most likely an issue with placement rather than the raycast itself failing. Set the vector3’s in the raycasts to a public variable and see if you can adjust it to get what you want.