raycast : get normal value of linecast hit


i’m trying to get the normal value of a linecast hit and i don’t understand why i’m not getting the normal but kind of random angle.

the red line is the line i cast
the blue line should be normal of the hit object (green line is a edge collider)

 void RaycastLiana()
        Debug.DrawLine(startRay.position, endRay.position, Color.red);//draw a line between start transform and end
        lineCastLiana = Physics2D.Linecast(startRay.position, endRay.position,1<<LayerMask.NameToLayer("liana"));//raycast between start and end and return if layer is Liana
                Debug.DrawLine(lineCastLiana.point, lineCastLiana.normal*3f, Color.blue);//normal raycast angle of collided ground

        if (lineCastLiana.collider != null)
            collidedObjet = lineCastLiana.transform;//to get the name of the collided gO
            rbLiana = collidedObjet.GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>();
            Debug.Log("FROM raycastLiana: collided object is : "+collidedObjet+"and rb is :" +rbLiana);
            lianaCollided = true;
            lianaCollided = false;

thank you

I’ve add a radius to the edge collider and worked….weird!