Raycast or Collider for Shooting?

What is best way to make a weapon shoot?

Raycast or Collider, in the case of using bullets with collider, you can solve the undetected collisions on fast moving objects using this script on your bullets DontGoThroughThings.js, but still dont know what will be the best method to shoot, any comment on this will be appreciated.

It all depends on the sort of ‘simulation’ you wish to achieve. Collider is the way to go for a physical shooter, while raycast can achieve a similar result but in a kinematic environment.
As a matter of fact however, the physical approach is harder so you can choose between ‘realistic’ or ‘simulated’ and ‘harder’ and ‘easier’ :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comment, i understand your point, and thinking on game performance, what could be the best way?