Raycast problem

So, I’m creating some kind of shooter with raycasting shooting, but I have a very annoying problem with it.
Basically, my Raycast points at world center (0,0,0) instead of pointing in front of object.

Here’s my code:

 public class shoot : MonoBehaviour
        public Transform shootPoint;
        private float timeOut = 0;
        public float maxTime = 0.3f;
        public RaycastHit hit;
        public Transform bulHole;
        void Update ()
           if (Input.GetMouseButton(0)&& timeOut>maxTime)
            timeOut += Time.deltaTime;
        void FireOne()
            Vector3 shoot = shootPoint.TransformDirection(Vector3.forward) * 10;
            if (Physics.Raycast(shootPoint.position, shoot, out hit ,600))
                Instantiate(bulHole, hit.transform.position, bulHole.rotation);
            timeOut = 0;

I haven’t found answer to it anywhere on internet.

(I’m russian, so don’t mind if my English is worst thing you’ve ever seen in your life)

Transforms direction from local space to world space.

You could try this:

Vector3 shoot = shootPoint.position + Vector3.forward * 10;