Raycast Specific Object/Instantiate Explosion

Hello Again!

In my current(Unity 3.3 IOS)project I have a character walking across a bridge. If the character falls off
the bridge he is to fall into a fiery river and explode. The problem is when he’s on the bridge the Raycast reads the rigidbody on the bridge and he immediately explodes. If I reposition him in the scene window to an open air position, the gravity causes him to fall into the river and explode as planned. I added the following line of code to designate only destroy if the raycast hits the “plane”. It doesn’t work.

if(hit.collider.gameObject.name == "plane");

The character does not get destroyed on the bridge or when he hits the plane/fiery river.
There are several bridges and buildings he will be walking into, so I only want him to be
destroyed/explode if the raycast hits the plane. Can anyone tell me why my code isn’t working or how to correct it? Here is my complete Raycast code.

var explosion: Transform;
var point :Vector3;
var explosionRotation :Quaternion;

function Update(){

var hit :RaycastHit;
var dwn = transform.TransformDirection(Vector3.down);
if (Physics.Raycast(this.transform.position,dwn,hit,3))
if(hit.collider.gameObject.name == "plane")

	point = hit.point;
	explosionRotation = Quaternion.FromToRotation(Vector3.up, hit.normal);

function Explode()

var instanExplosion = Instantiate(explosion, point, explosionRotation);


Thanks for any advice and assistance in advance.


Digital D

Why are you using a raycast? Use colliders and events for something like this.