Raycast stops on a mesh collider on empty parts of the collider.

I found a problem in my game where the raycasting doesn’t seem to work with the mesh colliders very well, it seems to collide with them not only on their surface, happens in more cases then the examples i show here and happens constantly in these places so it is not a passing behaviour.

the code:

if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Mouse0))
            RaycastHit Hit;
            Ray R = new Ray(gameObject.transform.position, transform.forward);
            Physics.Raycast(R, out Hit, Max);
            if (Hit.collider != null && Hit.collider.tag != "Object" && Hit.collider.tag != "Slide" && Hit.collider.tag != "Floor" && Hit.collider.tag != "NoSoundFloor" && Cursor.lockState.Equals(CursorLockMode.Locked))
                LR.enabled = true;
                LR.SetPosition(1, Hit.point);
                //   trKek.position = Hit.point;
                temp.transform.position = Hit.point;    
                confirm = true;
                gp = true;
                tr.GetComponent<Rigidbody>().freezeRotation = false;
                h.xMotion = ConfigurableJointMotion.Locked;
                h.yMotion = ConfigurableJointMotion.Locked;
                h.zMotion = ConfigurableJointMotion.Locked;
                h.anchor = temp.transform.localPosition;
                //    lastTime = Time.time;
            Debug.LogError(Hit.collider.name + "; " +Hit.distance + "; " + Hit.point);

and here is one instance of it happening:


Last thing i must note is that the raycast IS hitting the mesh collider for sure as in the Debug it shows the mesh collider’s name under Hit.collider.name I would be very happy to get any help on the matter.

FIXED IT if anyone is interested the imported mesh collider MUST be collada type because FBX was making the problem. i don’t know why tho it is kind of weird but everything is fixed.

Thank you so much for this ! It was making me crazy for a week !
You rock.