Raycast2D weirdness

Hi, I’m having some trouble with Raycast2D. I loaded a project with the 2D presets. The 2D box collider and the objects defining the raycast are all on the same depth (though this shouldn’t be necessary with Raycast2D…
I use debug.drawline and tell it draw red on RaycastHit2D and green when the ray hits nothing. Then I circle the origin of the ray/debug.drawline in an expanding circle.
Anyone got any idea what the hell is going on here?

void FixedUpdate () {
		RaycastHit2D hitInfo1 = Physics2D.Raycast(player.transform.position, pointer.transform.position);
		RaycastHit hitInfo2;
		RaycastHit hitInfo3;

		if (hitInfo1 != false)
		//Physics2D.Raycast (ray1, out hitInfo1, Mathf.Infinity)) {
		{				Debug.Log ("hit!" + hitInfo1.collider.collider2D.gameObject.name);
			Debug.DrawLine (player.transform.position, pointer.transform.position, Color.red, 30, false);
				else {
						Debug.Log ("nohit!");
			Debug.DrawLine (player.transform.position, pointer.transform.position, Color.green, 30, false);

![alt text][2]
![alt text][1]

A Raycast uses a position and a direction. You are using two positions in your Raycast(). You can change it to:

   RaycastHit2D hitInfo1 = Physics2D.Raycast(player.transform.position, pointer.transform.position - player.transform.position);

Alternately, you can change from using Physics2d.Raycast() to Physics2d.Linecast().