Raycasthit hitinfo gameobject name

I’m trying to request the gameObject name from the object hit by the raycast hit using the rigidbody.SweepTest function on my player, how would i do this?

what i’ve got currently:

		RaycastHit hitLeft;														//is the player gonna collide on the left?
		rigidbody.SweepTest(-transform.right, out hitLeft, 0.1f);
		RaycastHit hitRight;													//is the player gonna collide on the right?
		rigidbody.SweepTest(transform.right, out hitRight, 0.1f);
		RaycastHit hitForward;													//is the player gonna collide on the front?
		rigidbody.SweepTest(transform.forward, out hitForward, 0.1f);
		RaycastHit hitBack;														//is the player gonna collide on the back?
		rigidbody.SweepTest(-transform.forward, out hitBack, 0.1f);
		if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.A) && hitLeft.collider.gameObject.name != "Terrain")		//left & right movement
			transform.position += -transform.right * speed;
		if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.D) && hitRight.collider.gameObject.name != "Terrain")
			transform.position += transform.right * speed;
		if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.W) && hitForward.collider.gameObject.name != "Terrain")	//Forward & Backward movement
			transform.position += transform.forward * speed;
		if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.S) && hitBack.collider.gameObject.name != "Terrain")
			transform.position += -transform.forward * speed;

You can get it from the collider:


Or you can get the game object from the collider: