RaycastHit.normal returns NaN

As the title says, whenever I do a raycast (BoxCast specifically) and it hits an object, the normal returns NaN. I don’t know why it would do this, as I’m just testing with Unity default cubes and box colliders.

When I Debug.Log the normal when the raycast hits something, I got this exact sentence:
(NaN, NaN, NaN)

Bro honestly same. I would like to understand why this is happening. I’ll do everything I can. I want to use Boxcast instead of rays to avoid using multiple Raycast. It would be nice if Boxcast would just return the correct values. I don’t even understand how it could mess up normals. I do think I may have found something related to this though. If you were to start printing the points. You’ll start to notice that sometimes the point matches the transform position of the object that is using Boxcast. I think the Boxcast is somehow hitting the cube that is using the Boxcast, but somehow returning that it isn’t actually hitting even though it is. It’s really weird. I just really want to be able to use Boxcast without any issues anymore. It is really dumb that I have to resort to using multiple Raycast for my game.