Raycasting to the bottom side of a plane?


I have a short question. Currently, If I use Physics.Raycast and cast a ray from below a plane, it won't hit it. If I cast a ray from above, it will.

Is there a way to have the raycast hit in both ways, without creating a manual dual-sided plane object?


Since the default plane in Unity have just a Mesh collider, you can replace it with a BoxCollider and make it very thin. I guess a BoxCollider performs better than two Meshcollider with a 200 tris mesh ;) (the plane have 10*10*2 tris).

The opposite Raycast was also my first thought, but I guess you will detect a lot of other colliders than the one you'd expected. I think I would use a BoxColider, but it depends on your needs.

No. You'll have to do two opposite Raycasts, or two opposite planes. I'd suggest the latter.