Reactive AI

Since Unity is working on the AI Planner (Deliberative AI) and ML-Agents (Machine Learning),
I was wondering if there is something planned for Reactive AI, especially Behavior Trees?

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Nothing official, but it is something we're interested in seeing, especially, because we believe the same domain definition used for the planner could also be used for Behavior Trees.


Thanks for the info, would love to see that, I appreciate the work you guys are doing, AI was lacking in Unity.


+1. I've love to see official behaviour trees in Unity. AI Planner is great for more organic AI but if you have something like a boss battle with patterns it's unnecessary overhead. Using the same domain definition could even open up the possibility of interoperability between the two.
Cherry on the top would be steering behaviours integrated with NavMesh, though perhaps that's asking for a bit much...


Hi @amirebrahimi_unity , any plan to explore Utility AI?

Utility AI is rather easy to implement, but can be much harder to tune.
** Utility AI (Discussion) **

Hi @optimise , we are exploring utility AI as well.


Hi @amirebrahimi_unity , do u have any plan to implement dots Behavior Tree package anytime soon? I plan to upgrade my project that using classic OOP Behavior Tree unity asset to dots in future. Currently I didn’t see any dots Behavior Tree available yet and I dun really have the resources and manpower to implement it from scratch that has the complete visual debugging tooling.

It’s in our plan to release a Behavior Tree package compatible with DOTS in the future, yes.


Awesome. Do you have ETA of releasing preview package?

Not yet, and (afaik) don’t expect it for a 2019.x release.


I see. As long as it will release at 2020.x release it’s ok.

Sorry to call you again. Will it possible to get the preview package at 2020.1 release?

We usually match the cadence of DOTS releases and I believe their next release will be on 2019.3. That being said, the planner may work with 2020.1, but I don't think anyone on the team has personally tested that.

Unless you want devs to test it, you could push for 2019.3, but to be honest, I would rather wait for stable version, if you know there are obvious critical issues.

I'm not sure I follow. What are the obvious critical issues you are referring to?

I don't know if there are any. I can not test it :) But also you mentioned, your team didn't test it either.
But your team will know, if there are anny major issues at current state, or not. I just try to say, if your team is aware of any major issues, I would rather wait with release, until that are fixed, at least to the early stable preview. I that make sense?

Not entirely. I think you are stating that you'd rather wait until we've tested the AI Planner with a specific version of Unity before using it?

No necessary specific Unity version, but at least that package is tested before release, to the point of usability, rather rushed release. I don’t mean bugs free, or fully featured. But at least stable.

Saying that, if you want people to test it earlier, I don’t mind if you release in next 2019.x. Unless I missed it, is not released there yet isn’t it?

Either way, I am looking forward, to what will result of AI package. I will try accommodate some time, to give a play around. :slight_smile:

Maybe you misunderstand my question. I’m asking about whether DOTS Behavior Tree preview package will be available at 2020.1 release.