Read force vector2/3 from rigidbody

I am looking for the parameter that holds rigidbody’s current vector of resultant force.I don’t need the magnitude , just the vector. If that cant be accessed/does not exist , I need to find a way of getting to know the direction of which the body will move afterwards

The short answer is: no, there isn’t such a variable. Well actually there probably is, but that’s part of Unity’s physics system so we simply don’t know. You would need to track all Forces applied to your RB manually. But even when you know the sum of all forces that got manually applied, you can’t predict which forces might be added from external sources like collisions / joints. They are applied when the physics system “does it’s job”.

Anyways the velocity is the direction the RB moves at the moment. You could manually collect all cases where you apply a force and add the resulting force to your velocity so you know where it will probably move this physics frame. However if you use AddForceAtPosition it would get really nasty as the force would result (depending on the position and the objects inertia tensor) in a new force and torque around the COM.

Here are two links that might help with pure linear forces applied to the center of mass:
How AddForce works
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