read http directory from webplayer

I am trying to list all files and or folders at an URL (example: is available for purchase -
I can’t seem to get anywhere with this, any ideas?


returns “IOException: Win32 IO returned ERROR_INVALID_NAME. Path: http:\\myFolder”
why does it strip the extra forward slash?

The c# GetFiles() function is provided to read things from the local hard drive. It’s not possible for it to read from a web server, and why would you think a web server can even provide you a list of files? If you want that, then implement a PHP script that runs on the server which returns the files. That does sound very very strange/odd. You can then use the WWW class to fetch this info from the server.

Yes you are right, getFiles() cannot work with a server.

Actualy I use 2 soft : one which use the webcam to take pictures with the webcam, and another to display the pictures taken. As both process are asynchronous, I decided to create a server localhost on which the second soft will fetch the pictures when he needs it.

I could have used a PHP, but I found this solution which works perfectly for me :
jonSG answer

Thanks Graham for your help.