Read/write local resources from webplayer, when will this happen?

UnityWebPlayer games load is very slow when the games are great. and each time the user opens the game has to wait for downloading. if we could access a folder on your local disk from the WebPlayer, we may release some of the content without having to stop to be executed on web.

I read that it is not possible for now, for security reasons. "when this is going to be?

Why do I need something like this?

because I'm doing a little virtual world for college, and students themselves need to build their 3D models and loaded into the application.

that I have solved the first part, models are exported to ogreXML and uploaded to the server where the application of unity constructed models is loaded from xml.

but still I have the problem that if too many models can become a problem download as many from the server. I thought that maybe if you download a little client local resources can be faster loading of the application

Do I understand correctly: You have a lot of models in OgreXML and have written an importer (yay for you) that loads them at runtime, my guess is by using a WWW object? And that this is slow?

One thing you could look into is Application.LoadLevelAdditiveAsync. You'd build your scenes in smaller chunks, so the first one loads fast, then load the rest with this function. And/or you can use Asset Bundles. If your models don't need to be OgreXML on the server, you could write an Editor script to import them there to build the scenes.